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Introduction xvi I also found support for writing through many helpful hands in my daily life who gave me peace of mind, a functioning household, and a sense of connection to the world. I thank Lubna, Kadijeh, and Olga for doing the hardest job in the world: keeping the little one safe, happy, and entertained. And I thank Alex, Shalini, and Leona for pitching in with that job, too, and for making me feel at home, but not alone. From a distance, I appreciated the support I received, as always, from my parents Scott Tullier and Patricia and Ronald Gann. A great deal of appreciation goes to Amy Zavatto for initially bringing me into the Alpha fold and to my friend and fellow author Marci Taub for generously sharing that lead and always being there to offer encouragement. I thank Jessica Faust for her enthusiasm when I proposed this topic and for her support and time along the way. Many thanks go as well to my development editor Doris Cross for being such a pleasure to work with and an excellent editor, and for indulging and sharing my obsession for details. Thanks go also to my research assistant Rebecca Rand, who skillfully col- lected many useful resources and was always willing to pitch in. And special thanks to my new friend Mary LoVerde for being willing to connect with me and with this project. I am also grateful to Denis Gaynor, Judy Hernandez, Eileen O'Reilly, and their staff at Mon- for being patient while I had to shift my priorities temporarily away from Monster and onto the writing of this book. And I haven't forgotten the early support Tish Chamberlain and Marion Flomenhaft of New York University gave me years ago when I first had the idea to write about procrastination. And last, but by no means least, I thank the hundreds of people who contributed to this book with quotes, stories, and insights into the procrastination experience. This is a better book because so many of you took the time to respond to my survey, forward the survey on to others, share your stories, and provide valuable suggestions. To protect your anonymity, and because I don't have space to list the many names, I can offer only a collective thanks, but I hope to express my appre- ciation to each of you privately. I can, however, thank Stacey Prenner and Lauren Sperling by name for organizing and hosting the spring focus group that provided so much rich information for this book and re-motivated me during one of my dry spells. Special Thanks to the Technical Reviewers Also making this book a reality were the technical reviewers, John Hotard and Linda Rothschild, who so enthusiastically lent their wisdom and time despite their busy schedules. John Hotard is a psychologist and career counselor in private practice and director of the Career Center at Fordham Business School. Linda Rothschild is president of the National Association of Professional Organ- izers, and of Cross It Off Your List, a company in New York City that organizes everything from corporate filing systems to residential kitchens.