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Introduction These are snippets of advice to act on immediately or quick tips to get you moving and soaring toward your goals. xv Quicksand! Read these for alerts to pitfalls and common mistakes that might get you stuck in a rut, unable to take action. Matter of Fact These boxes clue you in to interesting or fun bits of information and direct you to books, Web sites, organiza- tions, supplies, and other resources that can help you get things done. You're Not Alone These are quotes from real people talking about their procrastination problems, insights from experts, and words of wisdom from famous or historical figures. Acknowledgments Even the author of a book on overcoming procrastination needs help getting past writer's block, meeting deadlines, and maintaining some degree of sanity in her life. Many people had a hand in making those things happen. My deepest gratitude goes to my husband Michael and my daughter. M.G., you not only provided everything from emotional to technical support as I wrote this book, you also have been incredibly patient with my book-writing addiction these last several years. I hope to make up for the sacrifices you've made! And, A.K., you're too young to understand this now, but you deserve a big thanks, too, for all the times you let me pay more attention to my computer than to you.