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Chapter 9. Getting Your Act Together > The Organization-Procrastination Link - Pg. 93

Getting Your Act Together 93 Getting Out of Commitments You've Already Made Never bail out on an important project at a critical time when other people are counting on you. But if you are not totally indispensable, then don't be afraid to bow out if you feel you must. Here are some of the ways to do it: · Find a replacement to take over your responsibilities. Quicksand! Before you back out on a commitment you've already made, make certain that you are in no way legally bound to carry out that obligation. · Regardless of whether you handpick the replacement, offer to update that person on where you left things. · Give an adequate explanation for why you have to bow out so that it will be clear that you have valid reasons and are not just abandoning responsibility. · Point out to the others involved that you can no longer devote an adequate amount of time and energy to the commitment and that they'd be better off having someone else take over. They'll