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Chapter 9. Getting Your Act Together > Balancing Acts - Pg. 91

Getting Your Act Together 91 Gluing the Pieces Back Together To salvage some sense of order in that chaotic day, I called the doctor's office to say I'd be late, which enabled me to relax a little bit. I also asked about the co-payment amount I would owe and the forms of payment accepted. I then made sure to put my checkbook in my purse so I wouldn't have to take time to stop at a cash machine. I also made the decision to save time by leaving home with wet hair. After all, I wasn't going to be in a beauty pageant, and it would probably dry in the heat by the time I got there anyway. I then walked there swiftly but not at breakneck speed, arriving only 12 minutes late and not too sweaty. You can always find a few shortcuts and ways to minimize the inconvenience to others when you don't have your act together, but of course, the best policy is to be organized in the first place to avoid getting into last-minute jams. Matter of Fact If you're having trouble keeping things around your home or office organized, check out some of the handy organizational tools available from the Container Store. Whether you need closet shelving, a CD organizer for your car visor, kitchen storage jars, laundry bags and bins, or desk organizer, this company probably has it. It has retail stores nationwide, or you can contact it at 800-733-3532 (catalog sales) or