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Chapter 9. Getting Your Act Together > Organizational Rules to Keep from Coming... - Pg. 86

86 Chapter 9. Getting Your Act Together In This Chapter · Five simple rules for getting organized · How to keep from coming unglued · Learning to say no · How being organized helps you stop procrastinating Do you ever have days when it seems like you just can't get your act together? Perhaps your whole life feels that way! I had one of those days recently, a day that revolved around a simple 1:30 doctor's appointment. Earlier that same day, I dropped my daughter off at the baby sitter's, did the weekly grocery shop- ping, went to the gym, came back to my home office to take care of e-mails and phone calls, stood in the kitchen wolfing down some leftover Greek salad (a little soggy after a night in the fridge with dressing), and jumped in the shower at 1:00. Between 1:10 and 1:30, I had to dress, dry my hair, and get to the doctor's office about a mile from my house. Definitely doable. After all, I thought, I'm an organizational whiz kid, aren't I? Well, there were a few snags that day ... Organizational Rules to Keep from Coming Unglued In those hectic 20 minutes, I discovered that over the previous few weeks I had managed to break five key organizational rules and was now paying the price for my sloppiness. Those rules are as follows: