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Chapter 9. Getting Your Act Together > The Organization-Procrastination Link - Pg. 94

Getting Your Act Together 1. 94 2. You put off getting organized.Getting organized may be something you've been putting off doing. In other words, your procrastination habit may be keeping you from getting your act together. You keep saying you'll get around to cleaning out the garage, the attic, a closet, your files, or whatever, but you put it off and put it off. You keep meaning to set up some organi- zational systems for your household routine or business operations, but you never get around to it. Putting off getting organized is what causes you to put off other things.A lack of organization may lead to procrastination in other areas of your life. It sets the stage for putting off other tasks. Maybe you delay writing thank-you notes because you can't find the addresses you need or decent stationery to write on. Perhaps you run a small business and put off billing clients because you've never set up an organizational system for keeping track of services rendered, dates, price quotes, and other key data that goes into the bills. The five basic rules of organization described in this chapter are the building blocks for getting your act together, whether disorganization is the problem or the cause of other problems. In Chapter 10, you'll find details on how to follow these rules. Then, in the chapters in Part 3, "Tips and Tricks for Getting Things Done" and Part 4, "Getting Things Done at Work and School," there are lots of examples of how these rules of organizing can be applied in specific ways in your personal and professional life. The Least You Need to Know · Having logical, easily accessible spots for objects and paper is an important foundation for being organized. · The reason that to-do lists so often don't work is that people forget to check them and don't schedule times to do the things on them. · Having a daily or weekly routine brings order to your life and frees you from worrying about all your com- mitments and obligations. · Always allow twice as much time as you think you need to prepare for, and get to, appointments. · Being organized is not only a worthy goal in and of itself, it also sets the stage for getting things done in all areas of your life. · Saying no to requests for your time is easier than you might think.