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Chapter 9. Getting Your Act Together > Organizational Rules to Keep from Coming... - Pg. 89

Getting Your Act Together 89 Action Tactic Put trash cans around your house where you don't typically think of having them, such as the living room, dining room, or hallways. (Buy or make attractive ones if you're worried about wrecking the decor.) Having a trash can handy at all times makes you more likely to throw out papers and stuff you don't need, making it easier to take action on the things you do keep. The moral of this story:To-do lists are useless if you don't do two things: 1. Look at them frequently. That may sound like the most obvious advice in the world, but many people take the time to make elaborate lists and then never give them a second glance. If you're guilty of that, you probably tend to forget about things that need to be dealt with. Designate times when you'll do the things on the list. To-do lists are merely inventories. By glancing at a list, you see what you need to do; you check inventory. Lists do not, however, spark action. To get things done, take each item on the list and mark it in your appointment book or calendar as part of a daily action plan. (List-making, scheduling, and calendars are described in more detail in Chapter 10.) 2. The Beauty of Routine