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Chapter 15. Get a Social Life—or Change ... > I Have to Get out More - Pg. 156

Get a Social Life--or Change the One You Have 156 Maybe you are socializing enough, but the way you're going about it is not quite working. Instead of having plain old fun when getting together with friends, hosting parties, and celebrating holidays and other special occasions, you find that your social life has become a chore. It brings all sorts of tasks to procrastinate over, such as shopping for gifts, sending greeting cards, and preparing for parties. This chapter looks at how procrastination can have an adverse affect on your social life and what you can do to stop delaying the fun and games. I Have to Get out More You know you're in trouble when you're starting to remember the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune reruns or when your closest friend is the guy who delivers take-out food to your office while you burn the midnight oil night after night. Whether your problem is having no life or having only a work life, it's easy to find yourself doing the same old thing day after day. You end up falling out of touch with old friends and not making new ones, and have more dates with the television and a bag of potato chips than with live human beings. Finding the Time to Socialize If you're not getting out to have a social life, the issue may be time. You don't seem to have enough of it to get all your responsibilities out of the way and still have some time left over for fun. This is particularly true for people with demanding careers and/or busy family lives. In addition to using the insights about time and how to deal with it offered in Chapter 5, "It's About Time," try to spur yourself into action with the following strategies: · Make it a priority.If you don't make a conscious effort on a daily basis to be on the lookout for