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Chapter 15. Get a Social Life—or Change ... > When Your Social Life Becomes a Chor... - Pg. 160

Get a Social Life--or Change the One You Have 160 Just about any kind of present you'd like to give can be ordered on the Internet. Here are several of the best sites for two of the most common gift-giving occasions: marriage and birth. For engagements, bridal showers, and weddings, go to, www.Ross-Si-, or For baby showers and new baby gifts, go to,, or Gift-giving is supposed to be pleasurable. You should enjoy selecting items that your friends and family (or business colleagues) would like. It's not supposed to be a major hassle, but that's what it becomes when you wait until the last minute. So start early. And if clawing your way through stores and fighting for parking spaces is not your idea of fun, use time-saving conveniences like shopping online or from catalogs or employ a personal shopper (many stores have in-house personal shop- pers who can cost less than independent ones). Taking the Rush out of Holidays Holidays, whether religious or secular, conjure up all sorts of images and feelings. Some people find them a happy time of reunions, good food, comforting traditions, and perhaps spiritual renewal. For many, however, they simply mean more things to add to an already stuffed to-do list. Christmas and Hanukkah bring gifts to buy, cards to send out, travel plans to make, meals to pre- pare, and decorations to set up. Independence Day might bring a picnic and family outing to coor- dinate and cook for. Halloween brings costumes to make or buy and candy corn to stockpile. Just about any holiday has its traditions, which, when taken to extremes or tackled at the last minute, are more of a burden than a blessing. I promised early on in this book that my focus wasn't going to be about doing more just for the sake