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Chapter 15. Get a Social Life—or Change ... > I Have to Get out More - Pg. 157

Get a Social Life--or Change the One You Have 157 You're Not Alone If my wife and I don't book a baby sitter in advance, we end up not going out. It's not that the sitters' schedules are the problem. It's that we use baby sitting as an excuse to be lazy. If we wait to the last minute, we say, "Oh we probably can't get a sitter, so let's stay in." But if one is on the calendar,we go. --Mohammad M., banker Many people put off improving their social lives because they believe they're lousy at meeting people or making conversation. Although some social butterflies do seem to have a natural gift of gab and an innate ability to maneuver any social situation, that doesn't mean social relations skills can't be learned. Adult learning centers and some universities' night schools offer courses in such fine aca- demic pursuits as the art of flirting, how to talk to anybody anywhere, and how to attract the opposite sex. The Importance of Follow-Through How many times have you met a nice person, exchanged phone numbers, said you'd call each other next week to get together, and then never laid eyes on each other again? Whether you're looking to date more or merely make new friends and infuse some excitement into a stale social life, it's easy to put off the follow-through that's necessary for making those things happen. There are three