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Chapter 20. Get a Job—and Keep It > Keep Your Job - Pg. 216

Get a Job--and Keep It 216 cover these topics, but you'll more than likely need to speak to a real, live person. Career coaches, employment or labor attorneys, and employee advocates in human resources departments are good people to turn to. You can also start by seeking advice from a mentor or other trusted business colleague. Matter of Fact Whether it's due to a lack of planning or just responsibility overload, lots of businesspeople can't seem to get a break. A national survey of over 5,000 executives by Management Recruiters International found that 82 percent reported doing work while on vacation, and 13 percent have had to cut their vacations short because of work. Survey respondents in the Midwest were the least likely to work during vacation; those in the Northeast were most likely to do so. Whichever resource you use, the important thing is to do something. The discomfort and awkward- ness you might endure when resolving an interpersonal conflict or seeking expert advice about an ethical or legal issue is a small price to pay for peace of mind. When the Office Is at Home A revolution has occurred in home-based work in recent years, and the trend is expected to continue.