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Chapter 20. Get a Job—and Keep It > Keep Your Job - Pg. 215

Get a Job--and Keep It 4. 215 Is it a mental block?As you may know from Chapter 4, "It's All in Your Head," certain tasks are especially likely to raise all sorts of concerns in your mind. Writing is one of those. Your written documents at work reflect your level of professionalism, knowledge, and opinions. They tell the reader whether you have great ideas or are just filling a page with words. They have to pass muster in the eyes of your boss and colleagues. In the case of a proposal, they might be the main way to receive funding or approval for a project or to get new business. Even writing a simple e-mail can be intimidating because it might be read by hundreds or even thousands of people if you work in a large company. The way to get past the mental block is to first identify the anxiety or faulty thinking that's holding you back. Then use the techniques suggested in the "Breaking Through Writer's Block" section of Chapter 18. Written communication is such an important aspect of so many jobs, and so often a way that col- leagues judge your professionalism and knowledge, it's worth it to you to pay special attention to why you procrastinate writing and how you can get past the blocks. The Human Component of a Job One of my favorite book titles is Work Would Be Great If It Weren't for the People by Ronna Lich- tenberg. My sentiments exactly! Of course, I'm someone who can work for 14 hours straight with no human contact other than the guy in my computer who tells me I've got mail, so I'm probably not the norm. But as a career counselor, I've come across many, many people who agree that work would be great if it weren't for the people. You might be the most outgoing person in the world, who loves the camaraderie of an office and thinks teamwork is the way to go, but I bet there's at least one person in your workplace who bugs you to no end. Some of the things you might be putting off dealing with on the human side of your job include the following: