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Chapter 20. Get a Job—and Keep It > Keep Your Job - Pg. 213

Get a Job--and Keep It 213 The Bare Necessities The tasks that most people put off on a day-to-day basis at work are the ones they find boring, tedious, difficult, or unimportant. On the procrastination survey (described in Appendix D), some of the job duties that survey respondents wrote in on the questionnaire included making cold calls; preparing expense reports; filing; invoicing clients or customers; writing periodic reports; and pro- cessing various types of papers. Other tasks that are put off are ones that people don't necessarily dislike doing but simply have trouble finding the time for, such as keeping up with professional reading or dealing with all the mail and other in-basket documents that pour in. Quicksand! Putting off organizing, backing up, and cleaning up your computer can have dire consequences. Be sure to copy files onto disks while projects are ongoing; back up your entire hard drive on a regular basis; and keep your desktop uncluttered so you can access files and applications quickly. Many of the books in the "Getting Organized" section of Appendix A, "Recommended Books," con- tain hundreds of tips on how to make better use of your time at work. Professional organizers, too,