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Get a Job--and Keep It 211 Quicksand! Don't get hung up trying to write the perfect resumé and never make it past that point to launching the job search. Resumés are difficult to write without a clear job target and an inventory of skills and accomplishments. Self-assessment and research are essential first steps in a successful job search. Sometimes, that lack of a career focus results from the sorts of career-related procrastination de- scribed in Chapter 19. It may also result from ambivalence about even wanting a job or a career at all. This ambivalence is especially common among people who have deep connections to, and obligations in, the other life roles beyond Income-Earner and Careerist. (Those and the other eight life roles were described in Chapter 3, "Blame It on the Environment," in case you need a refresher.) Parents who've been at home raising kids but are ready to do other sorts of work may have doubts about whether that work should be in the form of a full-time or part-time job. People who are starting their own businesses may not be able to decide whether they should work full- or part-time while getting the business off the ground. Other people would like to make a career out of their passions, such as art, acting, or writing, but they don't know how much time to devote to a steady day job while also pursuing their not-yet-lucrative craft.