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Chapter 19. Get a Career—or Change the O... > Finding Your Direction - Pg. 201

Get a Career--or Change the One You Have · Getting stuck in a job or career field you don't enjoy or value 201 You're Not Alone Putting off focusing on my career has been my biggest procrastination problem. I've been going through life as if there were all the time in the world to make career decisions. In hindsight, I've realized that the act of not making a choice turns out to be a choice after all--and it's a choice I would not have made if I'd known the consequences. --April R., artist/paralegal/office administrator · Never reaching your full potential · Earning less money than you could if you were to make some changes in your job or career · Waiting so long to make a career change that the transition is more difficult and time-consuming than it would have been if you'd done it sooner · Always feeling insecure and uncertain about your job security and career future because you haven't set goals and worked toward them · Not gaining the flexibility and independence that can come from self-employment (if that's something you desire) Many procrastinators are aware of those consequences, but they still can't seem to get moving in a new career direction.