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Chapter 19. Get a Career—or Change the O... > Striking Out on Your Own: The Advant... - Pg. 205

Get a Career--or Change the One You Have 205 Action Tactic If you're a budding entrepreneur between the ages of 12 and 16, or know someone who is, contact the Entre- preneur Boot Camp for Teens. This residential summer camp held at the University of Wisconsin helps young people get a head start on building entrepreneurial skills. You can reach the camp by phone at 414-472-2018 or by mail at 1018 Carlson, Whitewater, WI 53910. Also booming is the option of being a freelancer, consultant, contract worker, or other independent type. Those choices mean that you see yourself more as a free agent who goes from project to project on a short-or long-term basis, rather than someone who runs a company with employees and inventory. Free agents often work from home or at the site of the employer who has hired them temporarily for a project. Whether you have your own company or function as a free agent, self-employment has many ad- vantages, including autonomy, independence, schedule flexibil-ity, a greater variety of projects, the chance to be creative, and unlimited earning and growth possibilities. What's Stopping You? So if self-employment is such a great thing, what's holding you back? The following quiz can help