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Foreword - Pg. xii

xii Foreword If you've color-coded all your files, answered all your e-mails, and gotten your holiday purchases wrapped by September 1, you can quit reading now. If, however, your mother called recently to see if you were still alive, the neighbors think your house is the recycling center, or the length of your to-do list qualifies for the Guinness World Book of Records , you've picked up the right book. Just about everyone procrastinates. And for good reasons. Some of the things we never get around to doing are boring, difficult, overwhelming, and complicated. Any reasonable person would find "later" the best time frame to do them in. The sheer weight of the demands placed upon us can be paralyzing. If you think you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in, this is not your imagination. There really is too much to do. Some of us cope by putting off until tomorrow ... what we won't have time to do then, either. Unfortunately, procrastination is a problem that not only doesn't solve problems, it creates them. You are about to read the most comprehensive procrastination book on the market. It is full of nuts and bolts tips on how to stop procrastinating and take out that two-week-old trash, overcome your computer phobia, or make the career move that will change your life. Because people procrastinate for different reasons, this book provides a dual focus: It helps those of us who need to pay attention to the psychological roots of stalling, e.g., fears, perfectionism, and ambivalence, and it guides those of us whose main trouble stems from situational factors, e.g., overload, distractions, and disorga- nization. You will find nitty-gritty, specific, sure-fire ways to stop putting things off. The book's author clearly has her act together, and, lucky for us, has devoted her career to helping others do the same. But she also lets us know that she's no robot, and grapples with the same issues you and I face. If I could retitle this book I would call it The Secret Formula for Feeling Good . As you read, you will swear Michelle Tullier looked inside your mind, heart, and soul and discovered, not only why you put things off, but precisely what will propel you off your procrastinating duff and into the life you want to live! What I love most about this book is that the underlying message isn't about making yourself exercise, paying bills on time, or keeping your closets clean. Michelle teaches us about the bigger issue of having some balance in your life. Getting more done is not helpful if you are not also doing what is important to you and to those you love. She reminds us that overcoming procrasti- nation can help us connect with ourselves, our family and friends, our true mission in life, and our spirituality. And that is the secret formula for feeling good. --Mary LoVerde Life Balance expert, professional speaker, and author of Stop Screaming at the Microwave! How to Connect Your Disconnected Life (Simon and Schuster)