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Chapter 14. Family Matters > Putting Off the Pitter-Patter - Pg. 148

Family Matters 148 If you're thinking of delaying marriage until you're older, you might want to factor in the odds of finding your soulmate at that later age, especially if you're a woman. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's 1998 statistics (the most recent ones available), there are 114 un-married men ages 18 to 44 (divorced, widowed, or never married) for every 100 unmarried women of those ages. At older ages, however, the ratio reverses to 146 unmarried women for every 100 unmarried men among 45-to 64-year-olds and 315 unmarried women for every 100 unmarried men among the 65 and older crowd. 2. Do I know what I want out of life and out of a life partner?Before you can make a life with someone, you have to know what kind of life you want. You need to have a handle on what's important to you, how you want to spend your time each day, and what your long-range goals are before you can venture into marriage with confidence. Is this yet another example of my difficulty with making decisions?You might be in a won- derful, solid relationship, adore your partner, and value the institution of marriage, but your lack of decision-making skill is keeping you from taking the next step. If that's the case, then try to zero in on how and why you might be making the decision harder than it needs to be and use the techniques suggested in Chapter 11, "Decision-Making: The Root of All Action." 3. Action Tactic If having the inside scoop on pregnancy and parenthood would help you get moving on the baby decision, read