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Chapter 14. Family Matters > Making Home a Safe Haven - Pg. 152

Family Matters 152 Action Tactic Unless you have the newer smoke alarms with 10-year batteries, you'll need to change the batteries at least once a year. Pick an easy date such as your birthday or a holiday to replace your batteries every year. You should also dust and test the alarms once a month, so pick a date like the first of the month or payday to make that an easy-to-remember, routine chore. 2. 3. Also schedule a time to buy the supplies you need based on what you learned in Step 1. Smoke alarms are easy to find at hardware, home supply, and general merchandise stores, as are fire escape ladders, fire extinguishers, flashlights, and other items you might need. Of course, if all you need is fresh batteries, you can find those almost anywhere. Within the next 24 hours, install the smoke alarms, change the batteries, devise your family's escape plan, or take any other necessary measures as identified in Step 1. Do these things now. I mean it! I don't care who or what is clamoring for your time. Make fire safety a priority, schedule do dates (because this is one due date you don't want to reach unprepared), and take care of it. Keeping Burglars at Bay