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Chapter 14. Family Matters > Putting Off the Pitter-Patter - Pg. 149

Family Matters 149 Because time is of the essence, you'd think people wouldn't put off making the decision, but, of course, procrastinators always find a way. This is usually where the classic excuse, "It's not the right time" pops up. Here are some typical reasons why healthy women and men might feel it's not the right time to have a baby: · · · · · · · · Being too busy in a career or not yet having reached certain professional goals Not being financially secure enough Not having ample health insurance coverage Not having a home that's spacious enough or set up right for kids, or not feeling settled in one geographic location Not being ready to give up the freedom of a childless life Not being ready or willing to give up habits like smoking and drinking (in the case of the pro- spective mother, although this can apply to the father as well) Not being in good enough physical shape (again, this applies mostly to the mother, but it can be an issue for the daddy-to-be also) Doubting your parenting capabilities or even doubting how much you like kids in the first place What's interesting about this list is that these reasons are all much more valid than the usual excuses for procrastinating. After all, deciding to have a child is just as great a commitment as deciding to marry. Having doubts is a good thing. If you look at all the cons, not just the pros, before you decide, you'll have a better idea of what you're getting into and whether bringing a child into your world is the right thing to do. Action Tactic