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Chapter 14. Family Matters > Marriage American Style - Pg. 147

Family Matters 147 Quicksand! If it's your partner, not you, who is procrastinating making the marriage (or the living-as-married) commit- ment, be careful how you use your powers of persuasion. Nagging, badgering, and being demanding or manipulative won't get you anywhere. Follow the advice in Chapter 23, "Dealing with the Procrastinators Around You," if you're not sure what to do. · · · · · · Not being ready to give up the freedom of single life Looking for perfection in your partner or in the relationship Not knowing what you want out of life Having lousy decision-making skills Making the commitment aspect of marriage more overwhelming than it needs to be Being frightened by the statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce · Being too comfortable with the status quo in your relationship to feel the impetus to take the next step · Not feeling settled or secure enough in your career or finances to merge your life with someone else's