Dirty Dishes and Other Household Chores 143 Action Tactic If you put off buying tools, kitchen equipment, and other household items, consider shopping online. A good place to start is www.buyitnow.com · Also keep a running list of supplies or tools needed to make the necessary repairs or improve- ments, and schedule times to buy the supplies. · Designate one weekend per month as home improvement weekend. (Obviously, you can do it more or less often depending on your needs.) · If you never feel like making home repairs or renovations on the weekend, try doing them at a different time. It's kind of silly that millions of people ruin their weekends worrying about the projects they should be doing but aren't doing. Nothing says that a loose doorknob or leaky pipe can't be fixed on a weekday evening or any other time. · Keep the phone numbers and business cards of repair people in one visible spot so that you'll be less likely to put off calling someone to do the work. · If you put off having repairs or renovations done because it's hard to schedule time away from work or other commitments so you can be at home, contact the National Association of Profes- sional Organizers (contact info is available in Appendix B). Ask them if any members in your area offer concierge services. What that means is that the professional organizer or someone