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Chapter 13. Dirty Dishes and Other House... > Laundry, Trash, and Other Dirty Word... - Pg. 140

Dirty Dishes and Other Household Chores 140 · Make it a priority by recognizing the negative impact clutter is having on your life. · Make an appointment with yourself to do the initial big job of clearing out and reorganizing the contents of the cluttered space. · Make clearing out a part of your routine by scheduling days and times on a monthly or seasonal basis to look for clutter that has re-accumulated. As for the nitty-gritty of what to do next, review the 10 steps outlined in the "Getting Rid of Stuff" section of Chapter 8, "Lightening Your Load." Laundry, Trash, and Other Dirty Words Do you know why it's so easy to let trash and dirty clothes pile up? It's because they can be tucked away out of sight. Unlike the layers of dust that are so visible on furniture and the coats of grime that make bathrooms disgusting, garbage is hidden away in cans or bags, and laundry is in a hamper or closet. Yes, I know that the trash can often get pretty darn visible when it overflows and becomes smelly, and dirty clothes might spill out of the closet or hamper and start to fill the bedroom floor. But they are still easier to put out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. Let's look at why you might put off doing laundry, having dry cleaning done, or taking out the trash, and what you can do about it. Laundry Do you buy new underwear more often than you do laundry? If so, you're a laundry procrastinator. I used to be one, too. When I moved to New York City after graduate school, one of my first apart- ments was a fifth-floor walk-up in an old brownstone. It was charming with its exposed brick wall and working fireplace, but charm didn't get the clothes washed. To do that, I had to load up the