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Chapter 13. Dirty Dishes and Other House... > Why We Put Off Household Chores - Pg. 133

Dirty Dishes and Other Household Chores 133 You're Not Alone You know things are bad when you've got five minutes before company arrives and have to make decisions like, "Do I put on my makeup and get dressed, or do I vacuum?" Makeup and clothes always win hands- down, and the dust gets swept under the couch. --Barbara W., business manager Or maybe you're like my husband. I tell him that company is coming over in 20 minutes and ask him to help me tidy up the house. He says, "Don't you worry about it. I'll take care of it." Nineteen minutes later, I find that he's taken apart the toaster to render it impeccably crumb-free, scrubbed the bathtub (which our guests won't even see, much less be using), and vacuumed every nook and cranny of the carpets and floorboards. If he'd had an hour before guests were to arrive, he would also have rewired a lamp or two and repotted some houseplants. What he doesn't do during those critical minutes is pick up and put away the toys, clothes, papers, magazines, books, and other assorted items strewn across every surface of the house. I end up spending a frantic final minute clearing a path from the front door to the couch for our guests. He means well, but his efforts are misguided because there's only enough time for some superficial straightening and maybe a little dusting. But he can't help it; he's a clean freak, through and through. Then, of course, there are those poor souls who don't care much for either tidying up or cleaning