Dirty Dishes and Other Household Chores 144 The reasons for procrastinating about yard work are much the same as for other household chores. It doesn't seem as urgent as some indoor tasks; it's often messy and strenuous; you may not have the right supplies or equipment, or the ones you have are hard to get to in a crowded garage or tool shed. Plus, it usually seems to be hot and sticky when yard work begs to be done. Solutions for getting it done are also similar to those for other chores: Delegate it whenever possible, schedule it into your routine so that it becomes a habit, and keep your supplies in good working order and easily accessible. To minimize the problem in the first place, keep your lawn as low- maintenance as possible so that there's less to do or to put off doing. The Least You Need to Know · You may never grow to love housework, but you can make it easier with a few simple techniques. · Getting rid of clutter, organizing supplies, and using the chip-away technique makes it easier to do any chore. · Getting laundry and dry cleaning done and taking out the trash is a matter of finding more convenient ways to do them. · Chores like home repairs and yard work are easier to get done when you delegate them or schedule times to do them.