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Chapter 13. Dirty Dishes and Other House... > Laundry, Trash, and Other Dirty Word... - Pg. 141

Dirty Dishes and Other Household Chores 141 Dry Cleaning Twenty-five percent of the people who took the procrastination survey said that dropping off or picking up dry cleaning is something they procrastinate about, but only 15 percent put off doing laundry. At first glance, those results seem surprising because laundry is typically a bigger, more time-consuming job than tossing a few shirts on the dry cleaner's counter and picking them up all pressed and starched a couple of days later. You're Not Alone I never do laundry in any week with a Monday. --Barbara Walters on The View , March 26, 1999 But when you think about it, dry cleaning is a multistep process that offers lots of opportunity for procrastination. First, you have to get the clothes out the door, because they can't walk to the cleaner's on their own. To make that happen, keep a shopping bag or tote bag hanging on your bedroom or closet drawer to drop your dry cleaning into so that it's always ready to grab at a mo- ment's notice. Then, unless your dry cleaner picks up and delivers, make sure you take the clothes to a cleaner's that's convenient (on your way to work, your kids' school, or your usual errands). Some cleaners