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Chapter 13. Dirty Dishes and Other House... > Home Squalid Home - Pg. 136

Dirty Dishes and Other Household Chores 1. 2. 136 3. 4. De-clutter.It is infinitely easier to straighten up when you have fewer things and fewer ob- stacles to climb over to get to them so you can put them away. Have places to put stuff.If you have a hook to hang your house keys on (or a bowl to drop them in) every time you step in your door, then you know how simple it is to put them away and find them the next time you're headed out. Your goal should be to have that sort of system for everything in your home. Many people put off tidying up because there's no place to put things. Use collection bins.You can chip away at tidying up throughout the day when you keep a basket, box, or other portable container in each room. Suppose that over the weekend, your entrance hall tends to accumulate items of clothing, shoes, papers, sports equipment, books, and anything else that gets dropped there as people come and go. Putting all that back in the various rooms where it belongs can seem like a daunting task. If you have some sort of col- lection bin that everything can be dropped into and that you can easily carry around to other rooms, you'll be more likely to put everything away. If you have to gather up only what you can carry in your hands and make several trips to collect it all and put it back where it belongs, you'll procrastinate. Never walk through your house empty-handed.Get into the habit of taking something with you every time you go from one room to another. For example, at night I sometimes read things in bed that belong in my home office. It's easy for those items to accumulate in the bed- room unless I make a point of carrying at least one or two of them out with me the next morn- ing. I often take them only as far as the kitchen rather than all the way to my office, but at least that way they're one room closer to where they belong. I can move them to the correct room when I leave the kitchen. Quicksand!