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Chapter 11. Decision-Making The Root of ... > Ten Steps to Decision-Making Like a ... - Pg. 115

Decision-Making The Root of All Action 115 Action Tactic If you've made bad choices in the past, try to identify where you took the wrong turn in your decision-making process. If you can zero in on what led you to make the wrong choice, you'll be less likely to repeat the same mistake. What's Your Decision-Making Style? You probably see at least a little bit of yourself in each of the eight styles I just described. You may also tend to use one approach with certain types of decisions and the opposite approach with others. For example, you might tend to go with gut feelings when it comes to personal decisions, but you've learned to be an analyzer when it comes to business decisions. Nevertheless, most everyone has a natural inclination toward one direction or the other, regardless of the type of decision or the setting in which you're making it. Think about decisions you've made in the past or currently have to make on a regular basis. In the space next to each pairing in the following table, make a note for yourself of which style you seem to gravitate toward. If you feel completely divided between two styles, then write both in the space that follows that pair.