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Chapter 11. Decision-Making The Root of ... > Major League Decisions - Pg. 112

Decision-Making The Root of All Action 112 hospitals or big universities. Would you rather have cultural attractions and sophisticated nightlife or solid community centers and nice parks? The choices force you to look at what kind of life you lead or would like to lead. No wonder so many people put off finding a place to live. The process requires that you not only look outward at your geographic choices but inward as well. The same happens with choosing a career, choosing a spouse or life partner, buying a house, or making any other major decision. You have to have a solid handle on who you are as a person before you can know whom you want to be with, what you want to do, or where you want to live. Major League Decisions What are the decisions that cause you trouble? Some of them belong in the major leagues; they're the ones that can have a serious impact on your life or the lives of people who depend on you. These decisions generally fall into seven categories: · Relationships/marriage:Who to be with; whether to make the commitment; if and when to end it · Family decisions:Decisions related to the care, education, and upbringing of children; care of aging parents or other relatives; and even care of your pets · Relocation/home:Where to live; whether to rent or buy; how much to spend on a rental or purchase; if, when, and how to remodel, renovate, or decorate · Career decisions:Choosing your first career direction or changing an existing one; deciding which types of jobs to seek and evaluating job offers; deciding if and when to start your own business; other issues related to developing or managing your career · Business decisions:Any decisions that have to be made in the course of the day on the job or in your own business