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Chapter 11. Decision-Making The Root of ... > Ten Steps to Decision-Making Like a ... - Pg. 117

Decision-Making The Root of All Action 117 Step 6: Revisit your criteria After gathering some information on your options, you might find that your priorities shift a bit. Something you thought was extremely important to you may seem less important now that you know more about the realities of your choices. At this point, it's helpful to go back to Step 3 and reevaluate how critical each of your priorities actually is. Step 7: Analyze the data Most people get out the old pad of paper and a pen to make a list of the pros and cons for each option they're considering. And most people end up still unable to make a choice. The problem is that they're often comparing apples and oranges. The best few options out of the bunch usually end up having about the same balance of pros and cons. If they didn't, then you probably wouldn't be faced with a tough choice in the first place; one option would clearly emerge as the best. Action Tactic No matter what kind of decision you're trying to make, ranking your decision-making criteria in order of impor- tance is the key to making the tough choices.