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Chapter 11. Decision-Making The Root of ... > Why Decisions Are So Hard to Make - Pg. 111

Decision-Making The Root of All Action 111 You Make Them Harder Than They Need to Be We can't blame all of our decision-making difficulties on external factors, though. Many of us make decisions more difficult than they need to be because of the way we approach them in our minds. We agonize, analyze, deliberate, and debate until what should have been a fairly simple process becomes a torturous ordeal. Often, perfectionism is the culprit. We feel we can't settle on one option until it is proven to be the perfect choice. Of course, rarely is there one option that's clearly head and shoulders above the others. Waiting for that ideal choice is like searching for sunken treasure. You aren't quite sure if the ideal choice is really out there somewhere, but you hope that it is, and you're willing to go out on a limb to find it. Unfortunately, going out on that limb may keep you from just making a decision with the choices you do have and getting on with your life. You're Not Alone Procrastinating about consumer purchases is my downfall. I'll shop till I drop before actually buying some- thing as simple as a toaster. I'm as indecisive about clothes. And furniture? Forget it. I've been searching for the perfect sofa bed for over a year. I know my research obsession is a perfectionist mind game I play with myself, but I just can't seem to break this pattern. --Jeanne K., publicist