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Chapter 17. Death, Taxes, and Other Impo... > The Reality of Mortality - Pg. 185

Death, Taxes, and Other Important Stuff 185 You're Not Alone We'd been meaning to write wills since our first daughter was born six years ago, but weren't sure who to name as guardians. Plus, we couldn't quite face the thought of dying. Two things finally kick-started us. My brother got married, providing us with perfect guardians. And we felt the need to scratch out last-minute wills before a helicopter ride in Hawaii! --Becky A., technical writer · Make a fun plan with friends or family, preferably the sort of thing you have to buy tickets for in advance, for the evenings of April 14 and 15, so you'll have an incentive to be finished by then. The Reality of Mortality As the saying goes, only two things in life are guaranteed: death and taxes. We know why you put off dealing with taxes; now let's look at why you procrastinate dealing with death. Do you delay putting together or updating a will or doing some serious estate planning for any of these reasons? · You don't think you have enough assets to warrant estate planning. · You're too young to worry about it. It's not an urgent priority. · You don't like to make the sorts of big decisions that will writing or estate planning would require