Death, Taxes, and Other Important Stuff 177 You're Not Alone It isn't enough for you to love money--it's also necessary that money should love you. --Baron Rothschild Your Love-Hate Relationship with Money Suze Orman, the author of best selling books on finding financial freedom and Oprah Winfrey's "finance angel," talks about things like integrity, faith, and courage when she talks about money. Orman warns us not to blame ourselves for getting into debt or for mismanaging money but to concentrate instead on moving forward by mapping out a plan for improving our situation. She suggests that we put aside our fears and negativity and is known for frequently saying, "Our thoughts create our destiny." If you're currently in the hate part of a love-hate relationship with money, you might be tempted to discount all that as a bunch of psychobabble. If not enough money is coming your way and too much is leaving your hands, I know it can be difficult to see how things like courage and faith are going to raise your bank balance. Suze Orman's advice makes sense, though. As with any type of procras- tination, putting off dealing with your finances often has less to do with a lack of organization or knowledge and more to do with your emotional battle with money. Until you can identify and deal