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Chapter 17. Death, Taxes, and Other Impo... > Why the Bottom Line Is Often Last in... - Pg. 176

Death, Taxes, and Other Important Stuff 176 Why the Bottom Line Is Often Last in Line If the greeting card and schmaltzy music industries are right, then love makes the world go around. But ask any regular Joe or Josephine on the street what makes the world tick, and they'll probably tell you it's money. Deep down, we know that money doesn't buy happiness, but it can sure make life a little easier. So why is it that we make our lives harder by procrastinating when it comes to financial matters? Where Did I Put Those Canceled Checks? Sometimes financial procrastination is simply due to a lack of organization. We have lousy filing systems or none at all, so our paid and unpaid bills, canceled checks, pay stubs, banking and investment statements, and other important documents end up strewn all over the place. We don't know which ones to keep, how long to keep them, or where to put them. That lack of organization makes for one tall obstacle when it's time to file tax returns, prepare a budget, pay bills, or do major financial planning. Instead of chasing down all the papers and figures you need, it's easier to say, "I'll deal with it later." Action Tactic