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Chapter 23. Dealing with the Procrastina... > When You Live with a Procrastinator - Pg. 249

Dealing with the Procrastinators Around You 249 You're Not Alone The ideal committee is one with me as chairman and two other members in bed with flu. --Lord Milverton · Don't badmouth the procrastinator to other co-workers. Either deal with the procrastinator di- rectly or keep your mouth shut. · If and when you do confront the co-worker, remember you have to work to- gether after the discussion is over. Don't lash out and say things you'll regret later. · Keep a written record of examples of co-workers' procrastination, as well as a log of work you have to do to cover for them or take up the slack. No matter what you do, try to strike a balance between supporting your co-worker in solving the problem and making sure you aren't being taken advantage of. When You Live with a Procrastinator You've asked your wife to take out the trash when she leaves for work, but she seems to be wearing blinders each morning as she steps over the piles of trash bags to get out the door. Your roommate agreed to vacuum the shared living room once a month (gee, that often?), but several major religious