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Chapter 23. Dealing with the Procrastina... > Spouses and Partners - Pg. 252

Dealing with the Procrastinators Around You 252 Contrary to popular belief, some procrastinators do feel bad about letting friends down. Take this comment from a friend of the author: Michelle, you realize I've been asked to contribute a quote, story, or wry comment to your last two books, and I always miss the deadline. I guess I even procrastinate with people who really matter to me! --Eric M., slacker and sometime accountant With friends, however, the expectations are different. Sure, you're supposed to be considerate and supportive of each other, but you do lead separate lives. There's no built-in authority as in a boss- subordinate relationship. Also, there's no implicit contract that allows you to meddle in each others' lives like you can in a marriage or roommate situation. The reality, however, is that friends who procrastinate can drive you just as crazy. Here's how they might do that: · You can never get them to make plans in advance, so you have to keep your life on hold in order to get together with them. · When plans are set, if you leave them with the responsibility for anything, from buying tickets to an event to making the baked goods you'll both take to a party, they may leave you in the lurch by not doing it or doing it at the last minute. · They inconvenience you when they put off getting to appointments. They show up late or miss an appointment altogether, which is not only a nuisance, it also shows disrespect for you and your time. · They don't get around to returning things they've borrowed from you. · They bug you by complaining about all the work they're behind on. · You have to endure countless stories about their hopes and dreams, but you never hear how