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Chapter 23. Dealing with the Procrastina... > Spouses and Partners - Pg. 251

Dealing with the Procrastinators Around You 251 Matter of Fact A handy product for keeping a household running smoothly is the Mission Control Family Organizer. This magnetic, write-on/wipe-off board comes with 60 movable chore and event magnets. You stick it on the re- frigerator so that all family members, roommates, babysitters, and cleaning people can keep track of what's happening when and who's supposed to do which chores. It was developed by a husband and wife who forgot to pick up their son at preschool one day because they each thought the other was doing it. I have one on my own fridge and highly recommend it. Look for it at If you prefer to call, it's in East Montpelier, Vermont at 802-223-7189. The tricky part comes in when you look at why children procrastinate. Sometimes it is downright rebellion or disorganization; you can do something about these causes. Other times, though, it's part of a toddler's or child's developmental process. Children exert power over their world to stake out their independence. What we see as disobeying us may simply be a way for them to have some control over what they do with their time: · You shouldn't let kids get away with anything they want, but neither should you be overly rigid in what you expect them to do. To find the happy medium, use many of the same do's and don'ts that work with adult procrastinators. · Let kids have a say in how and when a task might be done, but don't com-pletely give up your authority to enforce the rules.