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Chapter 23. Dealing with the Procrastina... > Procrastinators in the Workplace - Pg. 247

Dealing with the Procrastinators Around You 247 Quicksand! If you want to take over projects, be careful how you make the request. Never let on that you're afraid the boss will leave the project to the last minute or mess it up. Instead, make it sound like you want the opportunity to have more responsibility or to learn something new. · Focus on how the boss's procrastination affects your job performance, not how it makes you feel. Give specific examples of how you could do your job better if your boss planned ahead, were more organized, or whatever. · Focus on your desire to be a team player. Make it clear that you want to support the boss's objectives, not undermine them. · Ask for more check-ins and meetings. These will help you keep tabs on your boss and will alert you to danger that lies ahead. (If your boss is on a real power trip, make it sound like you need the meetings to check in about your own work rather than to check up on him or her.) · Take over projects whenever possible, rather than getting into a teamwork situation with your boss. If you are fully in charge of planning and executing a project, then you're not at the mercy of your boss's work habits.