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Chapter 23. Dealing with the Procrastina... > Do's and Don'ts for Dealing with Pro... - Pg. 244

Dealing with the Procrastinators Around You 244 Quicksand! Watch out for rationalizing other people's procrastination or denying that they have a problem in order to protect them. Making excuses or covering for them does them no good in the long run. Taking over the chores or doing the work that they don't get around to does you no good. Don't label the other person. Avoid even using the term procrastinator . Name-calling won't get you anywhere. Do focus on discussing the behavior rather than the character of the person. Don't focus too much on the details of exactly how the person procrastinates when discussing the annoying behavior. Do talk instead about the negative impact the procrastinating behavior has on you, on the pro- crastinator, and/or on other people. In other words, focus on the end result of the behavior more than on the details of the behavior itself. Don't humiliate the other person by chastising him or her in front of others. Do find an appropriate time to speak privately. Don't assume guilt before innocence.