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Chapter 21. Cramming for Exams and Other... > Procrastination in High School - Pg. 220

Cramming for Exams and Other Fine Academic Traditions 220 You have the distractions of extracurricular activities and a social life. You have semester-long projects with faraway deadlines and no one watching over you to make sure you work steadily toward those deadlines. Then you have the pressure of getting good grades, fulfilling requirements, and making sure the tuition is paid. Based on extensive research, social scientists estimate that as many as 70 percent of students on any given campus procrastinate. Most studies have found that writing papers is the biggest area of procrastination, followed by studying for tests and doing home- work. Quicksand! Just because this chapter is divided up into different educational levels, such as high school, college, graduate school, and individual non-degree courses, doesn't mean you shouldn't read all of it. You can focus on the section most relevant to you, but do at least skim through the other parts because many of the tips mentioned at each level can pertain to other levels as well. Whether it's in high school, college, graduate school, or even in individual, non-degree courses, the life of a student is brimming with potential distractions and psychological ups and downs. This