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Chapter 21. Cramming for Exams and Other... > Returning to School Before the Twelf... - Pg. 227

Cramming for Exams and Other Fine Academic Traditions 227 Reality:If you make it a priority, you will have time for it. Many returning students juggle school with job and family responsibilities. If you're concerned about how to keep all the balls in the air, go back to Chapter 3 and reread the description of the 10 life roles. See where you could make some ad- justments to allow school to take a more prominent place in your life. You may not have to work toward a full degree or go full-time. "I can't afford it." Reality:You'd be amazed how many sources of financial aid are out there. It just takes advance planning and persistent research to uncover the options and apply for them. Some colleges will let you speak with a financial aid advisor before you're even admitted so you can get a head start on budgeting and applying for loans, grants, scholarships, and fellowships. Also, many of the education Web sites listed in Appendix C provide extensive information on financial aid and links to other resources. Action Tactic If disorganization is causing your procrastination at school, check out for nifty planners and organizers designed especially for students.