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Chapter 21. Cramming for Exams and Other... > Procrastination in College - Pg. 223

Cramming for Exams and Other Fine Academic Traditions 223 The internal factors are also much the same as for procrastination in any type of setting. Some students are held back by fear of failure, fear of having their work judged, desire for perfectionism, or being overwhelmed by a workload that is likely to be heavier and more difficult than that encoun- tered in high school. Some students get addicted to the adrenaline rush that comes from doing their work at the last minute. Some have faulty concepts of time, miscalculating how long it will take them to get work done. What Can Be Done About It The strategies that work for overcoming procrastination in college are the same ones that help in any other type of situation. If you're a college student struggling with procrastination, be sure to read Chapter 12, if you haven't done so already. Also, keep these points in mind: · Realize that, even though having a high GPA is important, especially for getting highly compet- itive jobs or getting into some graduate and professional degree programs, you are more than your grades. Employers and graduate admissions officers are often just as interested in your work experience and extracurricular activities as they are in your GPA. So don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the need to make straight As. · Don't get caught up in the culture of procrastination. Think about how silly it is to brag about being far behind or having to cram for an exam at the last min-ute. There are plenty of other ways to be one of the gang and to interact with your classmates without having to pull all-nighters. · Realize that the adrenaline rush you get from doing work at the last minute may feel good now, but eleventh-hour cramming gets harder to pull off later in life. If you come to rely on the habit now, you'll have a hard time kicking it later. · Although internships, other work experiences, community service, and campus activities are important for a well-rounded college experience, keep your schedule manageable by not taking