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Chapter 21. Cramming for Exams and Other... > Procrastination in High School - Pg. 221

Cramming for Exams and Other Fine Academic Traditions 221 · Keep your family in the loop. As soon as you find out when big projects or papers are due or when quizzes or exams will be given, let your parents know. That way, they can plan family activities and outings around those dates to avoid conflicts with times you need to be studying. · Don't load up on extracurricular activities just because you think that's the only way to get into a good college. Good grades and recommendations from teachers are just as important for college applications, so don't get your schedule so packed with activities that you can't keep up with academics. · If your home environment is not conducive to studying, study at school or a library whenever possible. Try to schedule two or three specific times per week when you go to that study spot (or even do it every day!). Consider it an appointment that is just as firm and as much a part of your routine as your sports practice, music lessons, or anything else. · If your parents are putting too much pressure on you to excel at school, and you find yourself procrastinating as a way to rebel or because you feel overwhelmed, talk to them about what you're feeling. You may think it's not going to do any good, but you might be surprised to find that opening the lines of communication is all it takes to get them to change. If they still won't listen, talk to a teacher or counselor. Action Tactic