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Chapter 3. Blame It on the Environment > Driven to Distraction - Pg. 31

Blame It on the Environment Beware of playing roles in life that you think you should have; instead, take on only those responsibilities that mean something to you. 31 Learner Whether you're a full time student working toward a degree or merely someone who likes to read, you are a learner throughout your life. This category includes the roles of student, scholar, self teacher, reader, explorer, researcher, thinker, and participant in intellectual life. Physical Being At various times in your life you might pay more or less attention to your physical self. You might exercise; focus on your diet or nutrition; attend to your health care needs; work on recovering from illness, injury, or addiction; or make an effort to improve your appearance and attractive- ness. Spiritual Being Though this role category is listed last, it is one of the most important, in that your spirit enables you to carry out and cope with the other roles; it guides your daily behavior. This category in- cludes your ethics and morals; philosophy of life; attitude and moods; mental health and well being; creativity; overall life balance; and religious affiliation, beliefs, worship, rituals, and tradi- tions. No one can devote significant energy, time, and attention to all 10 of these life role categories at once. Yet circumstances sometimes force you to have to try to. You might be laid off and looking for a new job; caring for an elderly parent who has recently become incapacitated; having to run a household because you can't afford help; trying to date and develop a lasting romantic relation ship; keeping up your obligations to a community board; and getting some occasional rest. You didn't necessarily set out to become this overextended, but various twists of fate have thrown you into this predicament, a predicament that's prime breed ing ground for procrastination.