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Chapter 3. Blame It on the Environment > How a Cluttered Life Holds You Back - Pg. 26

Blame It on the Environment 26 Straightjackets and Neckties If you have a job that requires you to wear formal business attire most of the time, do you find yourself more productive on casual Fridays or other occasions when you get to dress down? Folks who work from home know that there's sometimes nothing more satisfying than working in your bathrobe and scruffy slippers or favorite sweatpants and bare feet. If you work outside of the home, your employer or clients probably won't be too impressed if you show up in pajamas, but you should think of little ways to make your work attire more comfortable. You might be surprised at the difference in your attitude toward work when your feet aren't being pinched and your shoulders aren't constricted in a suit jacket. How a Cluttered Life Holds You Back If you look behind closed doors at the daily life of a procrastinator, you're likely to find too much stuff (papers, files, magazines, newspapers, knick knacks, and the like) as well as too many obligations and commitments that eat up time. If that description fits you, you probably find that clutter slows you down and makes you feel less in control of life. The Leaning Tower of Paper Is there a phone call you need to return, but you can't find the phone number among all the scraps of paper on your desk, so you've decided to make the call later? Are you supposed to fill out forms this week to renew an insurance policy, submit a health care claim, or to take care of some equally important matter but don't know where you put the papers you need, so you miss the deadline? Are you late mailing a wedding present because you can't remember if the groom's last name is Perkle or Pickle and you can't find the invitation in the seven layers of memorabilia and dry cleaner's re- ceipts on your bulletin board? Having too much paper, or papers that are disorganized, is one of the major causes of procrasti- nation. It's that thought action link again. You have the desire, or at least the need, to do something, but you get bogged down in all the paper you have to muddle through before you can take action. You've probably noticed by now that the paperless office or home that was promised to us by some trend analysts at the dawn of the personal computer era never materialized. Most of us have more paper than ever before because we can create and receive so many documents, bits of data, and graphics on the computer--much of which is pretty useless. Quicksand! Don't add to your paper clutter by printing out and saving e-mails you get with the joke of the day or some other words of wisdom or humor that are circulated to thousands of people. If it's so special that you must save it, print it on nice paper, frame it, and hang it on your wall.