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Chapter 3. Blame It on the Environment > The Power of Discomfort - Pg. 24

Blame It on the Environment 24 Action Tactic Make a list of all the people you come across in your daily life who may be contributing to your procrastination. Think of ways you could stand up to them and keep them from dragging you back into procrastination mode. Just Do It Already! People who nag you to get things done or who belittle you for not doing something are just as guilty of fueling your procrastination as are the partners in crime described in the preceding section. In Chapter 23, "Dealing with the Procrastinators Around You," you'll read more about why nagging and chastising procrastinators won't get them to stop. For now, just keep in mind that if anyone around you is using those tactics to get you motivated and they're not working, it may not be your fault. The tactics are probably to blame. The Power of Discomfort Sometimes you aren't getting things done simply because you're uncomfortable. The chair you're sitting in, the temperature, the constricting clothing you're wearing--all of these things can make you less productive.