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Chapter 3. Blame It on the Environment > So Is It Really Not My Fault? - Pg. 32

Blame It on the Environment 32 Then there are the games. Who can resist a quick hand of computer solitaire or slaying some drag- ons during that post lunch slump at the office? The problem, of course, is that playing one hand of solitaire is about as easy as eating one potato chip, and there are always more dragons to slay. There is something you can do about it. Computers these days usually come with complimentary games software built in. If you get a new computer, go ahead and erase the games from your hard drive during setup (or don't load them at all) so that you won't stumble upon them later in a vulnerable moment. So Is It Really Not My Fault? Now that you see how many obstacles in your life might be fueling procrastination, you might be tempted to close this book here at Chapter 3 and say, "I don't need to know any more. I now know that I procrastinate because my office is always too hot." I'm sorry to tell you that it's not that simple. Factors such as clutter, commitments, other people, and distractions may be the catalyst for your procrastination, but they don't tell the whole story. It's still up to you and all those thoughts and feelings in your head to determine how you react to your environment. You can choose to give in to the obstacles and procrastinate, or you can choose to get things done. The next chapter will look at how that process works. The Least You Need to Know · Procrastination often has less to do with psychological factors and more to do with people, places, and things. · An excess of paper and possessions and an overload of commitments slows you down and leads to pro- crastination.