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Chapter 3. Blame It on the Environment > Your 10 Life Roles - Pg. 30

Blame It on the Environment 30 Action Tactic Think of one commitment you can get rid of within the next 30 days and vow to take whatever steps are necessary to remove it from your life during that time. Homemaker Whether you run a busy household like Carol Brady and Alice the housekeeper or live alone with nothing but a futon and lots of take out menus, homemaking is a role everyone has to play for better or worse. Activities in this category can include: shopping for groceries and planning meals; preparing food and cooking; cleaning and organizing; making or overseeing home re- pairs, renovations, or decoration; making purchases related to the home; doing laundry or ar- ranging for it or dry cleaning to be done; hiring and supervising domestic workers; relocating, including arranging for a move, packing, and unpacking; and managing and coordinating house- hold schedules. Income-Earner You may be the sole breadwinner for yourself or your family through a job or business you run, or maybe you work part time to supplement the income of the primary breadwinner. You might also have responsibilities related to earning money in other ways such as through investing, saving, or arranging for loans. Careerist Different from your role as an income-earner, your role as a careerist involves devoting time and energy to choosing, changing, or managing your career and to finding jobs or developing a business. Of course, your career probably brings in some income, but money is not the main focus here. Leisurite When you're in the leisurite role, you might be pursuing hobbies; playing sports or games; ex- pressing yourself creatively or artistically; being entertained by movies, television, theater, or other media; taking vacations or short trips; or just getting rest and relaxation. Social Being Everyone is a socialite to some extent. You may not carry it as far as the beautiful people who grace the society pages in evening gowns and tuxedos, but you are a social being who has some degree of interaction with other human beings as a friend, date, romantic partner, or host. Community Member You may also connect with your fellow human beings or contribute to the betterment of society as a volunteer, philanthropist, public servant, concerned citizen, community leader, neighbor, or simply someone who brings a dish to the block party's pot luck supper. Quicksand!