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Chapter 3. Blame It on the Environment > How a Cluttered Life Holds You Back - Pg. 27

Blame It on the Environment 27 You might also keep papers because they're important for legal or reference purposes or because you're emotionally attached to them. Sometimes there are perfectly legitimate reasons for holding on to certain papers, even just for sentimental reasons, but the key is to keep only those which are truly important or special and to keep them well organized. In Chapter 8, "Lightening Your Load" and in Chapter 9, "Getting Your Act Together," you'll find lots of tips for getting yourself to throw things out and for finding a good place for the papers you do keep. (And I'm not talking about the proverbial safe place that eats paper like some homespun Bermuda Triangle.) The Collector's Curse Not all clutter comes in the form of paper. Those 30 plus camel figurines scattered about my house that cause me to put off dusting until the last possible moment probably count as clutter. I love my camel collection, but I hate the way it makes a fairly easy chore (dusting) much more difficult than it ought to be. You're Not Alone It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly. --Bertrand Russell What do you have around the house or office that makes your life more difficult? There's nothing