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Part: 2 Becoming an Ex-Procrastinator - Pg. 55

55 Part 2. Becoming an Ex-Procrastinator You've made it to Part 2, and you haven't given up yet. See, you don't put off everything. Your momentum should build even more as you read these next chapters because now you're getting to the good stuff. This part is where I tell you exactly how you're going to stop procrastinating. We'll look at why you might have had trouble overcoming procrastination in the past and what you're going to do differently this time. You'll get rid of clutter, simplify your life, and become organized so that no more obstacles stand in the way of your getting things done. You'll also learn how to become a whiz at decision-making--whether the decision's about what to have for dinner or what to do with your life. In the final chapter of this part, you'll learn the secret formula for stopping procrastination before it starts, as well as a simple, 10-step plan for getting things started and finishing what you start.